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By applying extensive and specialist expertise and putting much love into the work that is being done, BookishFellow has managed to become the leading digital publisher worldwide.

ebook publishing
ebook publishing

 We firmly believe that our substantial resources and competitive pricing will enable us to take our business to the next level and propel it to the top of the global digital publishing industry in the foreseeable future.

BookishFellow’s Digital Publishing Department consists of a number of professionals with years of experience working in the publishing industry that will put all of their skills into making your eBook a success.

Our digital publishing services offer a myriad of opportunities and a plethora of advantages over traditional publishing for both new and established authors.

We understand that new and aspiring authors are not so willing to invest a couple thousand dollars in order to publish a traditional printed book. We understand that even if they decide to take a risk and go forward with that plan, in most cases, they will not receive the same treatment as some more popular authors. That is why BookishFellow offers competitive prices – at BookishFellow you can publish an ebook for just a couple of hundred dollars and share it with the whole world because it will be distributed on all the major online markets like Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. You will also feel respected because every author receives the same high quality treatment.

We also understand that established authors encounter some obstacles and have to deal with certain limitations when working with traditional publishing houses. At BookishFellow, the author is independent and has full creative control over their project. You as the author no longer have to conform to all the publishing policies of traditional publishing houses that might stifle your creativity. We wholeheartedly believe that authors should be in charge. Not only that, but you will also enjoy all the other benefits of electronic publishing like saving time (your eBook will see the light of day in a matter of weeks), broadening your audience (anyone around the world with a computer and Internet access can download your book) and interacting with your fans (you can send a follow up email to anyone who downloads your book which is a great source of genuine feedback to help you improve your writing skills and develop as an author).