10 Reasons Why it is Important to Read Books

10 Reasons Why it is Important to Read Books

Reading books is extremely important because it serves as a kind of therapy. It can make us happy because it is like a conversation with smart and educated people, a group therapy where different experiences are being shared, a therapy where new behaviors and worldviews are acquired, a process of developing empathy and emotions that influence how we perceive the world around us.

Reading books has a kind of magic that no other human activity offers. It also equally and simultaneously engages both the rational part of our mind and our emotions. Reading also stimulates our creativity because the reader is prompted to think and make connections within and outside the text. This differs from other forms of art like theatre and movies to which people only react because both the image and text are defined by the author. Thus many avid readers turn into marvelous writers while only a small number of people who watch movies become movie directors. That is because a reader is not just that, but also a creator.

It is fun

First, reading if fun. The world of books is so diverse. It comprises of numerous genres, some of them being invented every year, that it is almost impossible for a person no to find a book which he or she will not enjoy. Action, or maybe a drama in which we can find a character with whom we can identify. Maybe even something more realistic, like a memoir on some part of the history. Just browsing through the library looking for the right book brings immense joy.

It is free

Of course, you can spend a small fortune in a bookstore, and there is nothing wrong with that. But there are also thousands of books free on offer today. Or you can just drop by the nearest library and purchase a membership for peanuts.

You will enrich your vocabulary

While we are reading, we are constantly bumping into new words. The more we read the more new words we learn, thus our vocabulary expands. A rich vocabulary means a lot. It give the impression that you are well-educated and well-mannered. It will not only help you take on new clients but it will also boost your personal live. You will easily acquire more friends who will be enchanted by the way you speak. Also, choosing the right word in the right moment may be the difference between a conflict and a peaceful solution.

Reading books and newspapers in a foreign language will also help you to learn it more efficiently and naturally. It is a fun way to learn new words or whole phrases.

Acquisition of new knowledge

Reading is in fact, learning. Whatever you are reading, you are constantly acquiring new information. That information may one day prove extremely useful. Besides that, it has been scientifically proven that well read people have more confidence in everyday life.


The fast paced world that we live in today, requires multitasking. Even though that seems normal, it heavily strains our body and mind. That is why reading a book lets you concentrate only on one thing surrounded by piece and quiet.

Doctors even recommend reading a lot of books to people who have attention deficit disorder or are lacking in concentration.

A perfect way to relax

Just to repeat what we have said a couple of lines earlier. After a growling day at work, one of the best ways to relax, recuperate and regenerate is to read a book. A well-written novel has the amazing power to transport you to a whole another dimension far away from the humdrum reality. It will help you forget all the worries and obligations for a couple of hours.

A perfect way to pass the time

Reading a book can be very practical because you can read it in a bus, car, train, even while you are waiting in a line somewhere. Thus you will turn a boring stretch of time into something interesting and fun.

Source of inspiration

Fictional characters can be a great source of inspiration, same as the people we encounter in real life. Also, we can learn a lot from fictional characters. They can have an immense impact on our lives by saying or doing something. Just like that we may fall in love with some character or scenery. Imagine picking up a book about a Japanese carpenter. Before you know it, you will find yourself wanting to take up carpentry 101 or start learning Japanese.

Exercise for the mind

Physical exercise is not enough; you also have to put your brain on a thread mill on a regular basis. It is needless to say that it has been scientifically proven that reading has a positive effect on your brain. Reading requires concentration and intellectual activity. Furthermore, it can slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

Perfecting the craft

For all the aspiring writers reading books is essential. Being exposed to different authors and their diverse styles can help them perfect their craft. Even though every writer wants to have his/her own distinctive style, a good exercise is to mimic the writing style of some other author. And not only that, but also to mix things up by trying out different styles. This will definitely increase their range of writing which will consequently broaden their audience.

Publish books

Nowadays it has become unbelievably easy to reach that audience if they publish an eBook. For just a couple hundred dollars, emerging authors can share their work with the whole world. With the help from good people at BookishFellow they can bring their dream book to life in a few simple steps.

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