Why I chose ebook publishing

Why I chose ebook publishing

I am currently working as a teacher in an elementary school. Teaching young children has always been my greatest passion. Thus, I enrolled and majored in English teaching with flying colors. In addition, I obtained the Teacher’s license and could not wait to start working at a local elementary school. However, right from the start I encountered a number of serious problems especially regarding the books and other teaching materials that I had to use. That is why I decided to opt for ebook publishing.

The whole mess

First, I need to say a word or two about the situation that I found myself in. Almost all children’s books that were on my disposal and other teaching materials that were provided were severely outdated. Written and published in mid 80s, they simply did not suit the needs of a modern class. Back then, many experimental and obsolete teaching methods were heavily used. They did could not be effectively and efficiently applied to a present-day classroom, which gave me many headaches; and that was less than a week into my first job as an elementary school teacher. Truth be told, the task at hand seemed very daunting. How could I successfully transfer knowledge to the twenty or so pupils from my class If did not have the right tools for the job?

At one point, I even considered quitting my job being overwhelmed with the complexity and severity of the situation. I was young and inexperienced. However, after a good night’s sleep, I firmly decided that I would fight through all the hardships and provide my pupils with the proper education that they are entitled to.

Be constructive

My initial idea was to construct my own textbook from the materials that I had collected over the years and combine it with handy handouts from numerous conferences and conventions that I had attended over the years. I took anything that was useful from the textbooks that I received at school and made a unique concoction that would perfectly suit different learning styles of students from my class.

It took me about a couple of weeks to finish a first draft of that project. I simultaneously had to teach the class using the outdated textbooks and had a better understanding of what should be dropped, what should be added and what was already fine but needed to be upgraded. Once I finished my book, I gradually implemented it into our syllabus. The kids loved it. At the end of the year, I handed out a questionnaire on what needed to be improved in the new textbook. The results helped me a lot to figure out what needed to be tweaked in order to achieve perfection.

Another year passed, I used only my book in my class and the reactions were almost one hundred percent positive. After year three of using it and sharing it with my colleagues from whom I also received positive feedback and who prompt me to share it with a wider audience, I decided to contact a number of publishers.

Reality check

I was already thinking about thousands and thousands of children who would be happy to use my textbook when I received a harsh reality check. Publishing a book would set me back a couple of thousands of dollars (somewhere even tens of thousands!). I just could not afford to shell out that amount of money. I was devastated.

New hope – ebook publishing

While I was browsing the Web looking to find a way to publish my book, I stumbled upon BookishFellow. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that anyone can publish an ebook for just a couple of hundred dollars! After doing some research on ebooks and ebook publishing, I realized that the perfect solution for my problem was to publish an e-book with the help of an ebook publishing service like Bookish Fellow.

I managed to publish an ebook in a few weeks’ time. My dream book came to life and I was able to share it with the whole world! What’s more, I was even making money off it.

After publishing my very own textbook, I immediately shared it with all of my colleagues around the world. They were able to pay for it and download it with ease with only a couple of clicks.

Now I go to sleep every night thinking that I made the world a bit better. However, that would not be possible if it were not for the great people at BookishFellow!