E book publishing – perfect solution for aspiring authors

E book publishing – perfect solution for aspiring authors

Whole life I have been driven by one distinct dream – to publish a book. Even though my aspirations changed over time, one goal has always remained. See my dream book come to life and to share my work with the whole world. I never thought that I would become a household name and that I will sell millions of books. Around 50 to 100 books sold, for starters, and I would be happy. However, when I contacted a couple of publishing houses, my dream was shattered. That is why I opted for BookishFellow’s e book publishing services that almost anyone can afford.

Love at first sight

Since I was a little kid, I loved reading books. From the Cat in the Hat, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Winnie-the-Pooh, the Polar Express, all the way to my favorite book of all time the Little Prince. They gave me immense inspiration and taught me how to get away from the dull and humdrum reality. They were my personal portal to some distant and unknown world that I loved to explore like Indiana Jones each day. I even had my favorite lounge chair, courtesy of my grandfather who dragged it all the way from France, in which I would sit, tucked under a blanket and read books for hours on end.

Not to brag, but during my elementary and high school, I was one of the best students in school when it came to Literature. I consumed a book or two per week, starting a new one with the same intense passion. At times, I came across books that just were not my cup of tea. However, most of the times I immensely enjoyed every page read.

It should come as no surprise that I decided to major in World Literature. College gave me the unique opportunity to expand my already deep knowledge.

Writer was born

Naturally, as time went by, and as I put more and more miles on my reading odometer, my dream to become a writer grew further. I always had a notebook opened while reading where I would jot down different ideas, character traits and intriguing plot points.

By the time I was in high school, I have already finished my first manuscript. Even though it was only around one hundred pages long and with some inconsistencies here and there, I still felt proud of myself. Later on, during my college years, I switched to writing short stories. At graduation, as some kind of a ceremony, I collected all my stories, around 100 of them, and stored them neatly in a box with the aim of publishing them one day.

Dream meets reality

For the time being, I left writing aside, trying to find a steady income. After a year of two, I landed a great job at a local high school. Finally, I got a perfect opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream.

I contacted a number of different traditional publishing houses to inquire about the price of publishing my book. I was shell-shocked. Publish a book for tens of thousands of dollars? My dreams were shattered. I was not able to shell out such an amount of money for a first novel that would be mainly directed towards my friends and family. Once again, I had to put my dream on ice.

Perfect solution – e book publishing

One day, while I was browsing the Web for the best e book publishing deals, I stumbled upon BookishFellow. I could not believe what I saw – high quality e book publishing services for just couple of hundreds of dollars.

At first, I thought it was some kind of a mistake and that someone was trying to defraud me. However, upon further inspection, I not only saw that they were verified by Inc., but also that I can publish an e-book and have it distributed on all the major online markets in just three weeks.

All I had to do was register at their site and upload my manuscript in Word format. The good people at BookishFellow did all the hard work and turned my dream book into reality.

Now, I am not only happy that my dream came true, but I am also earning money off if because anyone around the world can by my book.