Ebook publisher that you can trust

Ebook publisher that you can trust

Ebooks are gaining more and more attention by each passing year. We are living in the Information Age or the Digital Revolution, a change from mechanical and analogue electronic technology to digital electronics which began anywhere from the late 1950s to the late 1970s with the adoption and proliferation of digital computers and digital record keeping that continues to the present day, according to Wikipedia. That is why you should expect that ebooks gain even more in popularity as times pass by. People are becoming more interested in ebook publishing and they demand only the best service. BookishFellow is just that, an ebook publisher offering high quality ebook publishing services at affordable prices that you can trust.

The right ebook publisher for you

We at BookishFellow pride ourselves on the fact that we value highly each and every author that comes through our digital door. Everyone deserves and will get maximum attention which has always been our motto. Our team of professionals with years of experience in the publishing industry will work meticulously in order to deliver a final product that will enthrall and captivate both the author and his or hers audience.

BookishFellow, an American based ebook publisher operating since 2011, has vowed to introduce high quality ebook publishing services that almost anyone can afford. Sharing a book with the world should not be the privilege of those who have thousands and thousands of dollars just lying around. Anyone should get a chance to publish their work and not overpay it.

That is why Dunja Petkovic has been appointed as the new Vice President in charge of Digital Publishing. Her ambitious and audacious plan to offer ebook publishing services at affordable prices will soon kick-off. Everyone from her team believes that this plan will revolutionize the book industry.

Step into the right direction

“We have spent almost a year closely analyzing the book industry and have reached a couple of very important conclusions. A lot of people want to publish their work but just cannot afford it in today’s economy. They are not able or willing to invest thousands of dollars into a traditional paperback or hardcover. Plus, the whole publishing proces will last a couple of months. Based on the gathered data we have come up with the perfect solution for new and aspiring authors. Our Digital Author package is the right deal for them”, said newly appointed Vice President in charge of Digital Publishing, Dunja Petkovic.

If you opt for the Digital Author package at BookishFellow you will be able to publish your work for only a couple of hundred dollars. For that price you will receive the following:

  • Review of your manuscript
  • Text file conversion from the format that you have uploaded
  • Graphics conversion (up to 70 elements)
  • E-book layout (up to 500 pages)
  • Basic cover design
  • Metadata input
  • Distribution on Amazon, Apple and Google Play
  • Layout
  • ISBN number
  • Quality control check
  • Online sales reports.

So, what are you waiting for? Your book is calling you! Share it with the world today with just a couple of simple steps with the help of BookishFellow.