Ebook publishing in just a couple of simple steps

Ebook publishing in just a couple of simple steps

The perfect solution for aspiring writers is ebook publishing! Why? Writing a book is serious business. It takes months and months of hard work, dedication and commitment. You as a writer are in some way playing God, creating new, vibrant and vivid characters and places. You are breathing life into letters and book pages. Life that whoever reads your novel will be able to feel. That is why writers have always been celebrated and put on a pedestal. However, if you want to reach people you need some kind of a medium to share your work. Turning to traditional publishing houses has almost always been the usual path that every author followed. However, in recent times, it has become very hard to get your work published by those same publishing houses.

Hard times

Capitalism has turned publishers into cold-hearted money-making machines that only rely on market trends and supply and demand. They are less willing to risk with an unknown author fearing that their book will not sell. Consequently, new and emerging authors have found themselves in a very tricky spot. They cannot make their dream come true and publish a book without shelling out tens of thousands of dollars. In best case scenario, a publishing house is ready to cover a part of that cost but that is only if they really see the potential in your work.

Aspiring authors need to find an agent and pay them to go around and try to get their work published. It is an expensive life filled with constant uncertainty and expectancy. They also need to have extremely tough skin because they will get turned down over and over again and maybe someday if all stars align, get a chance to publish a book.

Perfect solution – ebook publishing

However, with the all the technological advancement that has been going on in the last couple of decades, the world of books has drastically changed. Even though paperbacks and hard covers are still the most popular and preferred by readers, e books are becoming increasingly popular every year and are slowly and surely taking over the book industry.

With the advent of e books and e book readers like Amazon’s Kindle that you can see almost everywhere nowadays, publishing a book has become cheaper, faster and easier. Now, ebook publishing is now available to almost anyone.

Who to contact

With a little help from an ebook publishing service like Amazon or BookishFellow you can publish an ebook in just a couple of simple steps. All that you will need for ebook publishing is a manuscript written in Word format and a few hundreds of dollars.

You no longer have to depend on some council of people who decide which book gets to be published and who will receive a book deal. If you believe that your work is good enough and deserves to be seen and read by a great number of people, it is far better to publish an e book than run from one publishing house to another and hope for the best.

How it works

The first thing you have to do is register at BookishFellow. It’s simple and free. Then, upload your manuscript in Word format and the hardest part is done. People at BookishFellow with years of experience in the publishing business will do everything to make your book a success. After reviewing it, they will give you constructive feedback that you are free to accept or discard. Next, they will convert your book into the electronic book format which protects it from stealing, copying and sharing it without your permission. Say goodbye to pirated versions of your book! In three weeks’ time your book will be ready for distribution on all the major online markets like Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. You get to decide the price of your book and with a publishing service like BookishFellow, you will get as much as 50% in revenue for each book sold.

Take your work by the horns and start being proactive. Visit BookishFellow if you are interested in ebook publishing!