Ebook publishing solution for indie writers

Ebook publishing solution for indie writers

Ebook publishing solution for indie writers

Since childhood, I aspired to be an artist. From the get-go, I developed unusual affection towards writing. The idea of expressing my most intimate thoughts, my world enchanted me. Eventually, and as I read more, I fancied to publish a book as well.

However, I didn’t want to write a single piece. Above all, I want to write in a multitude of forms. After all, I’m not a stranger to essays, novels, non-fiction, and sometimes even poetry chapbooks. Then again, finding a publisher for each of the forms proved incredibly hard. Still, I endured. I have something to say.

All that time spent writing absolutely had to bear fruit. The wish to publish something grows stronger each day. I compiled my best works, my best writing into a single piece. Finally, my manuscript is ready. All that is left is to find a publisher.

Reality of traditional publishing, and new hope in ebook publishing   

Then, it hit me. The greatest romance in my life is about to take a left turn. Most publishers’ comments included a certain keyword. According to them, I’m too indie. A bit too different than their usual prospect. Certainly, I took a hit there. However, I didn’t want to give up. Finally, I found a new hope in ebook publishing.

After all, I don’t need as much money to do it. Also, the ebook allows me to publish more frequently and at my pace. The creative control is what moves me even further in my pursuit. On top of that, I get to share my writing on my own terms. For that reason alone, I don’t want to stop writing. With my hopes high again, all that is left is to find an ebook publishing service.

Certainly, the lot is available. I really didn’t want to engage in a complicated arrangement. What I wanted was a simple service. Something that allows enough supervision that I can regularly check it. Then again, something that won’t consume too much of my time. After all, I’m a writer first, not a publisher.

After some research and a bit of soul-searching, I had my contenders. One that really stood out is the BookishFellow.

There’s a simple answer on how to publish an ebook

First, it is easy to navigate. Again, I’m a writer first. I don’t want to get too involved. Second, the ebook publishing services include everything I need. With the BookishFellow, I have everything from formatting to marketing.

I don’t even need to ask how to publish an ebook. Simply, I write one and I publish it. Above all, there’s a point I want to put across. I’m a writer first. This means I have something to say. Also, this means that I want to share it with you. For that sole reason, I want my ebook publishing services to be a mere walkthrough.

The BookishFellow, ebook publishing services for a new generation. Your writing is our vision, your dreams our reality. Make it happen.