High quality ebook publishing services for aspiring authors

High quality ebook publishing services for aspiring authors

BookishFellow is a digital publisher offering high quality ebook publishing services to aspiring and up-and-coming authors. If we take a look at the current state of the publishing industry we can notice that many traditional publishing houses are not willing to risk their own funds and invest in new and aspiring authors. If one does not have a mass following and an established audience ready to buy their new book as soon as it hits the shelves, chances are they will not get a book deal. Instead, up-and-coming authors have to fund the publication of their book all on their own which is rather expensive. Publishing a book today may set you back a couple of thousand dollars.

The problem

Writers that want to publish their first novel, after talking to a couple of traditional publishers find nothing but disappointment. Either they do not have enough money to self-fund the whole publishing process; or they manage to collect enough funds but later notice that their book is not selling at all. That is why large publishing houses have their prime star authors who always get the best promotion. That translates to all the top spots in bookstores, video or radio commercials, billboards and other rather expensive promotion. Traditional publishing houses are ready to invest in them because they already have an established audience. They are also known and recognized by a vast majority of people. Aspiring authors, on the other hand, have yet to build up their audience and reach mass popularity. That is why publishing houses feel that is too risky to invest in them.

Even though this is Economics 101, and that is how the world works nowadays, it still is not OK. Up-and-coming authors who have a lot of potential but are not recognized by the general public should also get a chance to publish a book and not spend a small fortune on it. However, as we have already mentioned, large traditional publishing houses rarely offer book deals to unknown writers.

Ebook publishing to the rescue

That is why the perfect solution for every up-an-coming writer is ebook publishing. First of all, the cost of producing an ebook is a number of times lower compared to traditional printed books. This means that ebook publishing is by far a more affordable option. Secondly, since ebooks are distributed via the Internet on all of the major online markets like Amazon, Google Play and iTunes, people from all around the world will have the chance to buy and download one’s ebook with a couple of clicks.

Solution for publishing problem

Digital publisher BookishFellow has the perfect solution for that problem. Since they offer ebook publishing services at affordable prices, anyone can publish a book in a couple of simple steps. All that for just a few hundred dollars.

“We have put in motion an ambitious and audacious plan to revolutionize the book industry by giving aspiring authors a chance to share their work with the world. It took us over ten years of hard work to develop the perfect solution for anyone who wants to publish a book and not spend a small fortune on it”, said BookishFellow CEO Ivan Kosutic.