How to publish a book

How to publish a book

Great technological advancements have completely revolutionized the world that we live in the past couple of decades. The advent of the Internet has had an immense impact on our everyday lives. People communicate and do business online. Fast forward a couple of years and everything will be done online. Some people are already living online in virtual reality. The Internet revolution has also greatly affected the book industry. While young and aspiring authors used to wonder how to publish a book, how much effort and time they would need to invest in order to reach and strike a deal with a traditional publishing house, today, it is far better to ask themselves how to publish an ebook, because they can easily and cheaply have their voice heard across the globe.

Why publish an ebook?

More and more emerging authors who are thinking about how to publish a book are deciding to publish an ebook because they can easily and efficiently share their prose and poetry and have their ideas reach a large group of people. That is why electronic publishing has been on the constant rise in the last few years. Authors and their readers are keeping up with the times and are changing their habits and routines accordingly.

Advantages of publishing an ebook

There are many advantages of publishing an ebook. Unfortunately, many authors are not aware of them since they have not explored thoroughly the world ebooks. However, they are at the right place because the following info may forever change their view on publishing.

How to publish a book

Here are short and effective guidelines on how to publish a book: first, if you choose to publish an ebook you will not have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars, as it is the case with publishing a paperback/hardcover. With the help of an electronic publishing service like BookishFellow you can share your work with the whole world for only a couple hundred dollars.

Creative independence

Another very important factor is that you are always in control.

On the one hand, if you take the traditional publishing route, you are in a way handing a great deal of independence to the publishing house. They have the final say when it comes to book covers, book descriptions etc. because your work must not violate their publishing policies.

On the other hand, if you publish an ebook, you get to decide about every little detail of your book. If you opt for a digital publisher like BookishFellow once you have uploaded your manuscript, an editor with years of experience in the book industry will go through it and will compile a list of suggestions and possible improvements. However, you are free to accept or decline any of them.

When it comes to a book description and book cover, you are in charge. You can provide your own design or purchase an additional cover design service (Clean Cover Design or Sophisticated Cover Design) and with the help of a professional designer come up with the perfect solution for the cover of your book.


Now, marketing has become a crucial factor that has an immense impact on book sales. A good marketing campaign and targeted promotion will do wonders and turn your book into an instant best seller.

You can easily and, what is more important for new authors, free of charge promote your ebook online. Ebooks have the upper hand on traditional books because when you market it online, readers can buy it and download it with just a couple of clicks from the comfort of their home; while they would have to go out to the nearest bookstore to buy a paperback/hardcover and that is just asking too much from the Internet Generation.

Even if you are not skilled in marketing, BookishFellow has the solution for you. If you purchase the Book Web Presence service which includes a striking web page design, header image, book cover, summary of the book, a system for highlighting reviews of your book, one review article by the in-house editor, author biography, download links to major ebook distributors and links to a number of different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, G+), you will receive a personalized web page which you can use to promote your book online. A great web page will generate a lot of traffic, which will turn into purchases.

Royalty Payment

As an emerging author, it is very hard to live off your book if you decide to take the traditional publishing route, because all the major publishing companies pay royalties based on the net price of the book. Their usual royalty rate is around 10% of retail.

However, at BookishFellow you will receive up to 50% from every book sold. This is a great support for new authors at the very delicate beginning stages of their careers.

If you found this article useful and interesting, visit BookishFellow for more information on how to publish a book.