How to publish an ebook

How to publish an ebook

Have you written a book, but can’t publish it? Publishing and printing a book has become ridiculously expensive, so many good writers struggle to publish. This article will show you  how to publish an ebook, and why that is the perfect solution for you. It is easy, inexpensive, and keeps up with the development of technology. If you do not understand the importance of ebooks, we should paint a picture for you:

Imagine carrying around all printed books that you own. That would be very difficult, wouldn’t it? Printed books are heavy and take a lot of space, luckily, there is a better way. You can have all the books you want on a small electronic device such as Kindle, but also, you could read books on your phone, tablet, anywhere and anytime. Because of their convenience, most writers nowadays opt for publishing ebooks, rather than printed books.

How to publish an ebook

Now, you made your decision to publish an ebook, but do not know how and where. First, you should visit BookishFellow. That is where you will get all the necessary information and support needed to publish an ebook. Sign up, and your ebook will be a finished product in only a few simple steps. First, you need to upload your manuscript; it will be reviewed by the staff and prepared for publishing. The process does not stop when the ebook is produced. Within the basic service package, BookishFellow distributes your ebook on the websites you want it to, and you get royalty payment from each book sold. If you want a more serious marketing campaign, you are given a chance to choose from several more detailed service packages.

It is so inexpensive, as well

Now, you do not have to worry about how to publish an ebook anymore, because an electronic publishing service BookishFellow has your back. For the standard price of only a couple of hundred dollars, your book will get an International Serial Book Number (ISBN), it will be reviewed by an editor, if necessary, given the adequate layout, and finally have its cover designed. The price you see on the home page of the site is the transparent price you are going to pay; there are NO hidden fees or charges, unless you wish for a wider range services, of course.

The pricing of the ebook

As we already mentioned, a certain percentage, up to 50%, of the revenue from each ebook sold goes to you. This is very important, because you decide how much money that is by setting the pricing of your ebook. This is solely your decision, which you should make wisely having in mind the key audience and the competition, versus the distribution and advertising you opted for. In accordance with your needs, BookishFellow makes your ebook successful and through research, creates an ideal market for you to earn money off your writing.

What you need to have in mind is that when your manuscript is converted into an ebook and published is that the content still belongs to you, however, you can publish it only with BookishFellow. This is one of the terms of service this publisher has. Publishing the ebook via some other service, would be a breach of the terms on your side. Nevertheless, you can terminate your contract any time you like.

For more information about the terms and conditions, and tips on how to publish an ebook, visit this handy blog.