How to Promote your Ebook Easily and Efficiently

How to Promote your Ebook Easily and Efficiently

Dear authors, don’t fool yourself into thinking that after you have written and edited your ebook, you can sit back and relax. If you don’t want to be regarded as a writer whose ebook has flopped when it comes to ebook sales, you will have to roll up your sleeves and promote your ebook. Without proper promotion, many people may never hear about your ebook. That is hundreds of possible readers and fans lost which translates into thousands of dollars.

Even though you can take the traditional marketing route which still has a lot of upsides and can divert a large number of people towards your work, you should also consider some alternatives. Our advice is to use different social networks to reach potential readers.

First of all, promotion on social networks is completely FREE. Yes, you might not reach as many people as you have hoped without paid advertisements, but if you currently low on funds, this can be the perfect solution for you. Not only will you save money that would have gone on radio, TV commercials and newspaper ads, but you will also save a ton of energy not having to run around making sure that everything pans out as you have planned.

Here are a couple of handy advice how to increase the reach of your promotion and thus sell more ebooks:

Create accounts/profiles on social networks on time

Don’t wait to publish an ebook and then create a Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Instagram profile. This has to be done at least a month in advance in order to naturally build audience. Thinking about this in advance will give you time for proper promotion; because no one likes spammers. Interact with fans and other who are interested in your ebook and build suspense and anticipation.

Present yourself as a writer, not a salesperson

Even though you want to sell ebooks, a great piece of advice is to present yourself on all social networks as a writer. Avoid talking about your ebook as a product. People will soon start avoiding you and your work. Readers don’t like to be treated like shoppers or customers. Be interesting and authentic. The only way to gain credibility is to show people who you really are.

Build your author brand

People will follow you on social networks if they think that the content that you post is useful. They will not spend their time on something humdrum and boring. Be exciting, edgy and creative. Also, try not to direct all of the attention to yourself but try to connect with other authors and publishers. No one likes egomaniacs. Show your knowledge and authenticity by interacting with people on different social platforms.

Update your info and bio regularly

As we have already mentioned, keep self-promotion to a minimum. However, people still need to know a thing or two about you. They crave for the interesting details from your life and career. Tell them about an interesting story that you were a part of. Write a post about your favorite ebook. Have your fans be the first one to know when will your new ebook be published. Make them feel special and reciprocate the feeling.

Be creative with your ebook

Everything that you post needs to be informative and interesting. As we have written previously, people are not going to spend their time on uninteresting content. Experiment. Create an interesting competition or a creative campaign that will engage your followers. Make sure that your readers know that you care deeply about them and their opinions.

However, if you don’t have time to promote your work or just don’t want to do it for one reason or another, turn to an electronic publishing service like BookishFellow which will not only publish your ebook, but will also do all the legwork for you!