How to publish an ebook cheaply

How to publish an ebook cheaply

Anyone who writes on a regular basis or when they find time for it probably wants to publish a book one day. Since writing and publishing a book is a serious endeavor, prepare to shell out some serious money in return. Why is that, you might ask. Well, it is due to the simple fact that the world of publishing, as well as everything else nowadays, is market driven. If publishers do not see the potential in you as an artist and, what is more important and crucial when deciding whether to offer you a publishing deal, your book in terms that it will bring them a respectable return on investment, you will have to co-finance the publishing of your book or, as it is often the case, finance it completely. This has left many authors wondering: How to publish an ebook cheaply.

Current problem

Since you are not a famous and well-known author with an established readership, which consists of thousands and thousands of people, it will be much harder to convince a traditional publishing house to offer you a deal and publish your book. Because they are taking all the risk, they want to make sure that the book will sell well.

However, there is an alternative to traditional publishing and it is called electronic publishing.

What is electronic publishing?

Ebook publishing or e-publishing includes the digital publication of eBooks and digital magazines, among other things. It is a great way to publish a book cheaply and efficiently.

With a little help from an ebook publishing service like BookishFellow, you can publish an ebook in a couple of simple steps for just a few hundred dollars.

How to publish an ebook

Many new and emerging authors want to know how to publish an ebook and not spend a small fortune. BookishFellow has the perfect solution for them!

If you want to bring your dream book to life, all you have to do is register at BookishFellow, upload your manuscript in Word format and in two weeks’ time, the whole world will be able to see and read it.

A group of professionals with years of experience in the publishing business will make your book a success. If you decide to publish a book at BookishFellow, for the basic Digital Author package you will receive the following:

  • a review of your manuscript,
  • text file conversion from the Word format that you have uploaded,
  • graphics conversion with up to 70 elements which is quite enough to breathe life into your work,
  • eBook layout up to 500 pages,
  • basic cover design,
  • metadata input,
  • ISBN number,
  • online sales reports on a monthly basis, and
  • distribution on all the major online markets like Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

As we have already mentioned, writing a book is serious business. It would be such a shame to spend so much time working on it and editing it to perfection just for it to end up sitting on some dusty shelf in your attic or long forgotten in some folder on your computer or laptop.

Do not give up on your dreams because with a little help from BookishFellow those dreams can become reality!