Some helpful resources for authors

Some helpful resources for authors

Here are a few resources we felt you might find helpful.

Stephen Pressfeild Online

Stephen’s blog is a great resource for writers as it covers both creative and marketing aspects of putting together a book and then successfully promoting it.  He has lots of practical advice and his posts are a joy to read.  You can also sign up to his newsletter here.  (another reason we love his stuff is that he is from a little island in the West Indies called Trinidad and Tobago which is one of our favourite spots).

Random Facts

This is an unusual one but when we get stuck, we sometimes hit the random fact generator to stimulate our creativity.  Don’t know what your hero should do next?  Head over to Random Facts and see what comes out.  No guarantees, but we think you will find it fun!

Like the name says, its a great way to get ideas on alternative words when you are stuck.


Folding Story

Folding story is a group writing game that is based on the Exquisite Corpse, a strange game invented by french philosopher Andre Breton.  To start the game, one person in a group writes a phrase and passes it to the next.  The next person writes a follow-on phrase that fits with the first and then folds the paper in such a way that the first phrase is no longer visible before handing it to the second person.  The process is repeated with each person adding to the story but only seeing the last thing that was written.  The same technique can be used for drawing.  You would be surprised by the results.

Well that’s it for the first instalement.  Let us know in the comments section if you find this article useful and send is your favourite sites and we will make it into a regular thing.

We hope this inspires you to do some great writing!