Want to publish a book? The answer is: ebook publishing

Want to publish a book? The answer is: ebook publishing

Ebook publishing is the perfect answer to all of you aspiring authors who want to publish your work and have it seen by the whole world but cannot afford a tens of thousands of dollars to publish it yourself. Furthermore, you do not have the time to send your manuscripts do various publishing houses and pray that they accept to publish it. It is the perfect time to be proactive and take the matter into your own hands.

Why ebook publishing?

Some of you haven’t even probably heard about ebook publishing. Or you may have heard about it somewhere or read about it on some website but are not sure what it really is. You may wary from it because is something new and has not gained mass popularity just yet.

If you are thinking that publishing a book for under 300 dollars is some kind of a scam, you are dead wrong. The whole world is moving towards digital solutions. We are currently in the digital era, aren’t we? That is why ebook publishing is “the thing” right now in the publishing world.

How to publish an ebook

Publishing a book or publishing an ebook has never been easier. All you have to do is create an account on our platform. There you can upload your manuscript and illustrations, order additional services and track how your book is going.

Next, our expirienced programmers will convert your book uploaded in any of the common formats such as .pdf and word (.doc) files. Our editor will also give you a constructive assessment and suggest possible improvements.

Normal delivery times are two weeks but if you want, you can order our express service for a little extra. Once the book is ready, you can review it in your workspace and confirm you are satisfied with the result.

How can I earn money from it?

Once you have validated the book, we send it to the major ebook distributors. We have distribution agreements with all the major international e-book distributors. This means that your book has the most chances of being found and purchased by interested readers.

When people buy your book, we collect all the royalties and send them to you on a regular basis.

It is as is easy as that.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and publish your first book right now.

For any further information you can contact us at office@bookishfellow.com or check out our awesome web presentation!