How to publish an eBook

If you have ever wondered how to publish an eBook or have written a book and are now thinking about publishing it, we are here to guide you through the process. As a new and emerging author, you may have difficulties finding a publisher ready to print and promote your book.

Publishers usually favor popular authors with an established readership in order to ensure a return on investment. However, this may be a problem provided that an independent author has enough money.

For new authors, an alternative route to publication is self-publishing but this requires a substantial investment. Depending on the format and volume of the print run, this can require a budget of several thousand dollars.

However, there is a more affordable option; self-publishing an eBook.

How to publish an eBook

Publish an eBook online

E-Book publishing is an area of online publishing that encompasses the publication of electronic books, magazines, articles, etc. According to the WAN-IFRA’s annual World Press Trends 2016 survey:

Digital newspaper readership is not only growing, but readership on all digital platforms has surpassed the number of readers in print in some of the most developed economies.

This indicates that most of the publishers should seriously consider new and innovative ways of selling their books.

The advantages of publishing an eBook are truly great, and the only thing that an author needs is that his work has been written in Microsoft Word.

Publishing an eBook gives you the following advantages:

  • Global distribution. Your books will be available to readers throughout the world via the largest online bookstores like Apple, Google Play and Amazon. Easy accessibility will enable you to conquer new markets.
  • Full control of the sales process.
  • DRM – Digital Rights Management.
  • Low cost of eBook conversion, designing book covers i.e. prepress.
  • 70% of each eBook published (as opposed to a maximum of 10% of each paperback).
  • You determine the price of your book.
  • The best way to feel the pulse of the reading public is to publish an eBook (although beta readers can be successfully used for this purpose).
  • If you publish an eBook, it stays online forever (even if the sales are going poorly and you end up selling only one copy per year), which can be the perfect passive income.
  • It is easier and more convenient to publish an eBook and read it on Kindle or any other electronic device than opting for a paperback.

The price of publishing an eBook

Now that we have covered the reasons why you should opt for publishing an eBook, it is time to move on to the next relevant question which is – price.

The price of publishing an eBook is much more favorable compared to a printed version because you will have to pay around USD 2,000 for 500 paperback copies if you fail to persuade a publisher to make an offer to publish your book.

However, if you decide to publish an eBook, the only thing you will need is a manuscript and USD 199!

For that price, you will receive:

  • Editorial review, if the book hasn’t been previously
  • eBook conversion.
  • ISBN number.
  • Various types of distribution channels like Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.
  • Sales reports.


How to publish an eBook on Amazon

When your manuscript has been finalized, take a closer look at eBooks published on Amazon and decide in what language do you want to translate your book. We heartily recommend the following languages (not based on our assumptions, but according to the global research on eBooks):

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. German

but also Scandinavian languages (where there is a large increase in the number of eBook purchases).

Basically, we know this may seem like a serious investment, but whatever happens, you will always have the translated version of your manuscript. Also, the same book can be translated into several different languages. This means that you can have additional passive income off just one published eBook. However, it is of utmost importance to find a professional translator because your book needs to sound good in a foreign language; and yes, our company offers a number of skillful translators. So, consider investing in yourself and handing your manuscript to a translator (not a friend, but a professional translator), who will do his/her work, and publishing your eBook on Amazon.

Translation rates may differ because literary translation is usually cheaper than translating an official document, but we strongly recommend that you find an experienced translator who has many years of experience translating literary works and who may be a bit more expensive, but who will ensure that you receive a quality translation in which readers will enjoy. And please, do not attempt to translate the manuscript yourself because, in addition to having memorized your text (we know that you have), you will not translate it properly (unless you are not a professional literary translator or Nabokov, at the very least).

Final step

Upon completing everything said, you will need to write a book description. Then we will suggest a possible solution for the cover. These 2 things SELL the book. As in any bookstore, if you see an interesting cover and read an intriguing description, you will want badly to read that book. Remember that the cover (the .jpg picture) is the first thing your potential reader/buyer will lay his eyes on. You can also make it by yourself if you are skilled in Photoshop.

As for a book description, you know best. You can ask someone for assistance, but make sure that you give your 100 percent; because no matter how much a cover looks beautiful, an even better description will sell your book.

Finally, you will need to have a bank account to which we will transfer royalties.

What is an eBook format?

We often come across people who believe that an eBook is a book converted into a PDF file. Yes, a book converted into a PDF file is an electronic text but it is not an electronic book ready for sale, for the simple reason that it can be copied (thus you cannot earn money). An electronic book is converted into a special EPUB format (or any other extension) which cannot be copied.

We strongly recommend that you join the KDP Select program; which means that your book will be sold EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon. Thus you gain the following benefits: besides the fact that Amazon favors your book and that you get a percentage of Amazon’s annual revenue, you earn money even if someone borrows your book (and frankly, I have noticed that my book is selling much better this way). After you have published your eBook on Amazon, people all around the world (for example, your friends who live abroad and possess a credit card) can buy it and enjoy reading it on any computer, tablet, e-reader or mobile phone (provided that they have Kindleapp downloaded on their device).

How to promote an eBook online

When it comes to promoting your published eBook, Amazon offers a number of options.

Your friends and family (journalists, bloggers etc.) can receive your book as a gift at any moment by following the link located on the right side of the screen which will be visible only AFTER you have published your book.

You can also offer your book for free or at a discount price for a certain period of time. I am not an advocate of giving away something you have invested so much effort in. Furthermore, many people have expressed their concern about this type of promotion in a myriad of forum posts. But, at the end of the day, it is up to you to make a choice. I am just pointing out the two possible options at your disposal.

Besides that, you have the option of paying Amazon to design an ad based on your suggestions which will be featured on their website (those who manage Facebook pages will understand that this is something similar to post boosting). Of course, you have all the freedom to shamelessly advertise and promote your eBook in all possible ways. That includes social networks, paid advertisements, leaving a link below my text, organizing literary evenings (to which we expect an invite) etc.

And probably the best of all, you can become Amazon’s Affiliate partner, and by advertising your book, earn money if someone buys ANYTHING on Amazon provided that he or she got there following your link (meaning that you collect money both by selling your published eBook and when someone buys something).

Print On Demand (POD)

If you are dying to publish a paperback, you might explore the  Print On Demand option called CreateSpace on Amazon. The point is that you can print your book in precisely defined quantities and distribute it around the world; that is to say the book is practically first sold and then printed. Even though this might sound tempting, you need to understand that in most of the developed countries paperbacks are in decline and are giving way to digital versions.

Classical publishing is reserved for well-established and popular authors. Emerging and largely unknown writers rely mostly on self-publishing and eBooks publishing. This means that an average reader is going to buy a paperback by his favorite author, rather than take a risk and pay for a book by someone unknown to him/her which sounds reasonable enough. So, first publish an eBook, and then, once you become famous enough, publish a paperback version.

And that is, my dear writers, everything about publishing an eBook on Amazon. If you need any additional explanation concerning anything said, feel free to write to us.

Publish an eBook