How it Works

We have made the process as simple as possible to enable you to bring your dream book to life in five easy steps;


Create an account and upload your manuscript

The first step is to create an account. By signing up you will create a workspace where you can upload your manuscript and illustrations, order additional services and track how your book is going. Then upload the manuscript in any of the common formats such as .pdf and word (.doc) files. We can even convert from other formats on request. Sign up here



Review and editorial support

We work with you to turn your dream into a digital book. Your manuscript is reviewed by one of our editors who will give you a constructive assessment and suggest possible improvements. If you want a second opinion, we can proof read or even edit your manuscript. Sign up here



Book production

Our team has years of experience making ebooks and will put all of our skills into making your ebook a success. Normal delivery times are two weeks but if you want, you can order our express service for a little extra. Once the book is ready, you can review it in your workspace and confirm you are satisfied with the result. Sign up here



Distribution and royalty collection

Once you have validated the book, we send it to the major ebook distributors; if you don’t want us to work on distribution please notify us. We have distribution agreements with all the major international e-book distributors. This means that your book has the most chances of being found and purchased by interested readers. When people buy your book, we collect all the royalties and send them to you on a regular basis.¬†Sign up here




If you want to increase the visibility of your book, we can create effective marketing materials for you and guide you on how to make your book stand out. Sign up here