Terms and Conditions

Creation of digital and printed books using the bookishfellow.com publishing service.
Version 1.0, valid from: 1 June y

Thanks for choosing bookishfellow.com to publish your book. Our mission is to provide you with the easiest most effective way to publish your books online. We look forward to working with you to make a unique and memorable book that meets all your expectations. This document outlines the way we work with authors and how our service works. We are sorry that this smacks a bit of legal mumbo jumbo but please take a few moments to read it as it describes your rights and obligations. By publishing a book with us you are agreeing to be bound by the terms described in this document.

Note that, from time to time, we will update these terms and conditions, so please read through them carefully whenever you request a service from bookishfellow.com even if you have already read a previous version. We will send you a message to let you know whenever we update these terms.

1. Parties to the agreement
There are two parties to the agreement;
Us, the operator of the bookishfellow.com site referred to as We , Us or bookishfellow.com.
You, the person using the Service to publish a book. Note that You don not have to be the author of the book but You must have all the rights required to enter into this agreement to publish a book containing the information supplied.

Our lawyers said we should capitalize the names of the parties in this document to make it clear when we are referring to a party to this agreement in the legal sense; we know it looks a bit weird but we hope it makes things clearer.

1. Services we provide to create, publish and promote your book
bookishfellow.com will provide some or all of the following services;
A website through which You may upload the content to be published (text, images, descriptive information, etc.) as well as specifying information relative to the publication (price, language, additional services desired),
Review of the material You provide to ensure its validity,
If agreed upon with You, support in cover designing, internal layout, proof-reading, and editing,
Creation of a digital version of the book suitable for distribution on digital bookstores
If agreed upon with You, promotion of the digital book
If agreed upon with You, production of paper copies of the book.
Any other services that You and bookishfellow.com agree to during the course of the relationship.

bookishfellow.com agrees to produce your book based on the information You provide. However, bookishfellow.com’s role is limited to facilitating the creation and distribution of the book. You or the rights holders you represent remain the author and publisher of the book.

2. You promise that all information you enter is accurate
You will be required to enter information including information on the author, type of book and other related information. You warrant that all the information you enter is accurate and that in the case of changes you will update the information on the site at the first reasonable opportunity.

3. You guarantee that you have the rights to use the material you submit to create a book
By uploading material to Our site, You guarantee that you have the necessary rights to use each piece of content for the purposes of creating digital or physical books to be distributed world-wide. You further warrant that all material you upload does not infringe on intellectual property, copyright and trademarks restrictions as well as privacy and decency laws in all countries in which the book could distributed.

IMPORTANT: If you have any doubts about the rights or infringements for any content you plan to upload, please contact us to discuss the situation. If you do not possess the rights to some content we include in a book, you run the risk of legal action and will be solely responsible for all costs resulting from such action, including costs incurred by Us.

We may, at our discretion, require that you provide proof that you have the rights to some or all of the material that you have submitted. Failure to provide this information will result in an immediate cancellation of all projects under development and removal of all completed books from pour website and distribution partners digital book shops. Such cancellation and/or removal will not entire you to any refund.

In cases when we are contacted with claims of infringements against one of your books, we will immediately take steps to remove the book from all distribution partner sites as a precautionary measure until such time as the claim can be resolved. You understand and are in agreement with this approach and accept all potential lost revenues that may occur while the claim is being resolved.
4. You grant us the rights needed to produce, distribute and promote Your book
As part of the process of creating, distributing and promoting Your book, We will need to use the information you have supplied to us for a number of purposes. As such, You grant us a non-exclusive, sublicensable worldwide right to use any and all of the information to create Your book and for related uses.
For the purposes of this agreement related uses will include any duplication, editing of the material, the inclusion in any promotional material we create and distribute for you including but not limited to social media, web presences and emails as well as presence on all online bookstores we decide to distribute your book on. You will forfeit all royalties for such use but will receive proceeds of sales of your books in the digital book stores as described below.

5. Production process, revisions and standard delivery times
When you order a book, you must provide certain information including a manuscript, information on the author, and related graphics. We will review the information you upload and confirm that all materials are in order and request your OK to proceed with book production. If there are issues with your uploaded materials we may ask for clarification or modification. You are free to send revisions to your manuscript and other content you have submitted during this review period and until we send the mail containing our feedback on your submitted material. Once we have confirmed that the material is in order and you have confirmed that we can start book production, changes to the submitted materials may result in a surcharge of 50% of the service fee.

We may at our discretion insert certain information into your book such as a copyright page bearing an ISBN number as well as other information as required by our digital book distribution partners or local legislation in one or more of the countries your book will be available in.

We will deliver a proof version of your book three (2) weeks after we receive your authorization to start production. As soon as your book is ready, we will send you a proof copy for your review. One round of minor typographical changes will be allowed to effect any last minute changes. However, any changes that will impact more than ten (10) pages or require a change in layout, pagination or design may result in a 50% surcharge on the service fees.

Once you are satisfied with the book, you must confirm that you authorize us to initiate distribution of the book. At that time, we will ask you to provide descriptive information on the book and author, your desired pricing and other related information that will help in the promotion We will then submit your book to our network of e-book sellers. Note that we cannot guarantee that all of our partners will agree to distribute your book nor when the book will be available for download via a specific partner. You will however be notified as your book becomes available

6. Distribution
We will make every effort to secure distribution of your book in our network of digital book stores. An updated list of our distribution partners can be found on our website.

Should you prefer to manage distribution yourself, you may request that we not approach our partners to distribute your book. Should you do this, we will not manage the distribution and you will be solely responsible for the distribution of your book. To avoid organizational complexity that can lead to errors, we cannot provide selective distribution to only some of our partners; either we distribute to all partners or none of them.
7. Express delivery
We have different production times that you can choose at time of order. We will make best efforts to deliver books on or before the deadline given at time of order but from time-to-time, things can go wrong and a book can be delayed;
If these delays are caused by difficulties we encounter with the material you submitted (example if we can’t read your file or the you don’t respond to a question we send you) then no refund of reduced production time fees will be made.
If, on the other hand, you have followed the process we outlined and the delays are due to us, we will refund you of all express production fees. If we are responsible for a delay of more than ninety (90) days we will give you the option to cancel your order for a full refund.

8. Additional services
You may order additional services with your book such as cover design, marketing tools, and editing. These services may be provided either by Us or by selected partners. By choosing these services, you agree that we may transfer your information to our partner and grant to that partner the same rights and assurances that you grant to Us.

Each service will have its own requirements and production times. These will be specified at time of order and will usually but not always be confirmed by e-mail.
9. Your revenues of book sales
We are committed to delivering you with all the revenues that your book generates through our partners. We consolidate all the net revenues in your account. The net revenues are the share of revenues each distribution partner pays us on your behalf for sales of your book; they consist of your share of revenue once margins and taxes and other feels charged by the distribution partner have been deducted.
In order to keep transaction and administration costs low, will transfer all revenues from our distribution partners to you on a quarterly basis after deduction of financial transfer costs and any taxes or charges we are required to pay on your behalf and providing the amount left exceeds ten euros (10€) for the period. Amounts lower than the minimum will be rolled over to the following period.
Payments can be made either via Paypal, bank transfer or any other mutually acceptable means.
We will provide ways for you to track your earnings on a monthly basis via our site and/or reports e-mailed to you
Returns and refunds will be processed and any refund amounts will be deducted from your account. In the eventuality that the refund claims exceed the balance in your account, you will be required to pay us for any refund amount within ten (10) working days by Paypal or bank transfer.
10. Payment, Cancellation and Refunds
All orders are final and are payable in full at time of request. Unless specifically stated services ordered may not be canceled or modified.

If you are dissatisfied with our service because we have not met on our obligations as described by this document, you may cancel your order and request a full refund on condition that you destroy all information provided by us in that is not administrative in nature including; proofs, modifications of your document, designs and comments.

11.  Liability
We provide the service of converting the material you submit into a digital or physical book. As such we don’t assume any liability for information you provide. Our liability with regard to a specific project will, in all cases, be limited to the total amount you have been invoiced for the project. You will be responsible for all legal costs incurred in relation to your book as well as any damages. You will also agree to compensate us for any legal costs we incur due to one of your books.

12. Cessation of distribution
You may at any time ask us to remove your book from distribution. We will make best efforts to have the book removed by all of our distribution partners within thirty (30) days of receipt of your request. However, please note that the time taken for our digital book distribution partners to remove a book from their online stores varies and is not a factor within our control.
Removal of a book from distribution must be done for all distribution partners at the same time. We cannot manage selectively removing a book from specific distribution partners.
Removing a book from distribution will not close your account and you will continue to be able to view your other books and all financial information.

13. Termination
After the book has been produced, You may at any time terminate this agreement at any time by sending a termination notice to us by e-mail. Upon receipt of the termination notice, we will remove all books from our partner distribution network, send a final payment for all remaining revenues owed to you and close the account thirty (30) days after the books have been removed from the last distribution partner.
We may terminate the agreement with thirty (30) days notice at our discretion. Such termination will not entitle you to any payment or compensation of any kind.

14. Privacy
We require that you submit certain information in order for us to provide the services outlined above. We will consider this information as private and confidential unless legally obliged to do so. Should we be required to provide some of your confidential information, we will notify you within three (3) working days of having received the request.

15. Jurisdiction and conflict resolution
We are a site of the New Look corporation based in Belgrade, Serbia. As such, this agreement and all business terms are subject to the laws of the Republic of Serbia. As such any conflicts will be resolved before the courts of the Republic of Serbia.